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All aerial photographs were taken by Vic Urban from Alice Springs on 19 March 1972 (Day 293).  The airplane was a Cessna 172 with the right door removed. I pointed to the targets and Vic photographed them.  In July 2001, I scanned the photographs and added them to the electronic archive. The US National Science Foundation funded the aerial photography.

This file contains a Table of Contents and a verbal route map for the photography. The flight began and ended at the runway near MacDonald Downs Old Homestead about 8 miles southeast of MacDonald Downs New Homestead.  Due to poor quality, some of the photographs have been omitted from the Archive.  The photographs included here, and our route, are as follows (see SF53-10 Alcoota and SF53-11 Huckitta maps for details).

1.   Takeoff from the runway near MacDonald Downs Old Homestead (SF53-11).

2.   Fly northwest 8 miles to MD New Homestead to photo MD New Homestead (SF53-11).

3.   From MD New Homestead fly northwest 4 miles to Bundey River crossing to photograph Ant Bore /No.1 Bore (SF53-11). 4.   From Ant Bore fly east and west along the Bundey River to make two photographs of the Bundey River (SF53-11). 5.   From Ant Bore (SF53-11) fly northwest 16 miles to No. 3 Bore (SF53-10) where Gurlanda Camp was located, to make two photographs  of the camp. 6.   From No. 3 Bore fly southwest about 20 miles to photograph Mt. Michael, 1823 feet elevation (SF53-10). 7.   Return to land at runway near MacDonald Downs Old Homestead (SF53-11).

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