Group Compositions in Band Societies Database
Woodrow W. Denham

About the GCBS Database

The GCBS Database contains 41 sets of numerically coded genealogical censuses for band societies around the  world spanning a period of two centuries. All are in formats that facilitate computer assisted data analysis. The GCBS Database contains genealogical records for 6717 living people and 2218 deceased ancestors, plus censuses of   approximately 2138 discrete residential units including households, camps or villages and larger regional populations   at one or more points in time. These datasets can be analyzed from many perspectives to learn just what was or was  not happening within the social organization of hunter-gatherer bands when they were first studied by Western social   scientists. The GCBS Database emerged directly from the Alyawarra project, and genealogical censuses from the   Alyawarra project were the first datasets entered in the GCBS Database.

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