Caribbean Collection

Woodrow W. Denham






St. Lucia


Trinidad *


Ecuador *


Barbados 1978-88    

The Barbados text collection should be huge for Nancy and I made many trips there and spent a lot of time working and traveling in the island throughout the period 1978-88.   Unfortunately, that came just when I burned out on anthropology and felt much less verbal than is my wont. The Season of Gilbert and Joan (under St. Lucia, below) contains frequent references to our experiences in Barbados and elsewhere in the Caribbean.


St. Lucia 1986-88    

Nancy and I visited St. Lucia several times and I lived there for three months when I taught in a satellite program of the University of the West Indies that was housed at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College in Castries.


Trinidad and Tobago 1987-88     

In conjunction with our travels throughout the Caribbean, we did some consulting with British West Indian Airways (BWIA), Trinidad and Tobago Tourist Board (TTTB) and Caribbean Tourism Association (CTA).   I took these photos with the support and encouragement of BWIA and TTTB, and presented them, in conjunction with photos from Barbados and St. Lucia, at a workshop on educational tourism at the CTA annual convention in Montego Bay, Jamaica, in 1988.


Ecuador 1989    

While Ecuador really isn’t in the Caribbean, we visited there during our “Caribbean Phase” and experienced it from a Caribbean perspective. By that I mean we were thinking of it primarily in the context of a course in the history and sociology of New World Civilizations that I had just taught in St. Lucia, focusing on topics such as early American Indian societies; the Spanish cultural legacy in Latin America; and cultural continuities among African American societies in the Caribbean and South America.


*   In Preparation

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